Hiking Hot Spots

Here is some good hiking spots in Hamilton. 
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  Ancaster: Spring Valley Park
Difficulty: Spring Valley Park: Beginner Harvest Trail Loop: Intermediate
Directions: Jerseyville Road at the Spring Valley parking lot.
Description: Intermediate Spring Valley Park to Martin’s Road is 1.6 km (one way).   The Harvest Trail Loop is 6 km, A very beautiful area with ravines, valley, woods and fields. Beautiful year-round: there are spring flowers, fall colours, superior cross-country skiing trails, and horse paths.

  Ancaster: Old Dundas Road

Difficulty: Intermediate
Directions: Old Dundas Road, Dundas Observation Area parking lot
Description: The total length is 5.6 k.m.   There are 2 trails.  The Monarch Trail east goes through fields, shrubbery, and woods.   The Monarch Trail west goes through some fields, ravines, and an orchard. 

  Brantford: Paris to Cambridge Rail Trail &Wilkes Dam

Difficulty: Beginner
Directions: Take Hwy. 403 W to Hwy. 24 N. Go through Brantford and turn left at the  Highway 5 going west into Paris.  Prior to the bridge over the Grand River turn right at Willow St.  The parking lot for the Wilkes Dam is on the left before the railway overpass.  The trail to Wilkes Dam is on the left, under the railway overpass and watch for the sign on your left for the parking lot for the Paris/Cambridge Rail Trail.
Description:  This trail is a former rail trail about 18 km.  There are many opportunities to view the Grand River at this location.  This trail is also part of the Trans Canada trail.  The terrain is mostly flat, with vegetation on either side, although some areas are flat open with little or no shade.  This is a perfect path for cyclists.  You will find plenty of flora & fauna on this trail with a wide variety of plant life.  There are many mosquitoes in the area so if you are wary of West Nile virus, you might want to stay away from the water.   You can also see in the vicinity the parking lot to the Wilkes Dam,  There is a great viewing area which is usually busy, as people take in the falling water. 

  Dundas: Bruce Trail & Berry Conservation Area

Difficulty: Bruce Trail: Difficult  Thornapple Trail: Beginner
Directions: In Dundas off of Patterson Road, park on shoulder.
Description: The Bruce Trail length is about 4 km.  A short difficult hike that leads you to a magnificent view of Hamilton.  The Thornapple Nature Trail is an easy path through woods, and plains with, hawthorn bushes, deer, and other creatures.

  Dundas: McCormack and Bruce Trails

Difficulty: Beginner
Directions: Governor's Rd. past Dundas Valley.  Park at McCormack gate.
Description: McCormack Loop:2.7 km Bruce Trail:3.7 km. A gentle footpath through the trees, with some fields, streams and a scenic view of  Hamilton.

  Flamborough: Rock Chapel and Bruce Trail

Difficulty: Rock Chapel: Beginner Armstrong Trail: Advanced
Directions: RBG Rock Chapel parking lot at Rock Chapel Rd.
Description: Rock Chapel and Armstrong Trail are 4 km.  Hike along the escarpment,  There is a gravel path to the Maple Bush. Armstrong Trail goes under the escarpment and west is stairs to a geology exhibit of escarpment construction and the top of the escarpment for a spectacular view of Hamilton.

  Hamilton: Princess Point/Cootes Paradise

Difficulty: Beginner
Directions: Take Macklin down to the road to Princess Point
Description: This hike begins at the marsh area of Cootes paradise.  There you will see many geese, as well as ducks.  You can follow the waterline to the South into the woods.  The trail is easy going with lots of vegetation.  There are many trees with a story to tell.  The trail goes pretty straight, and eventually you will come to a small bridge across the stream.  You can either exit at the big field, or continue along around the marsh area, where you will come upon many people hiking or fishing, and boating.

  Hamilton: Red Hill Valley

Difficulty: Intermediate
Directions: The parking lot is on Mud St at Mountain Brow Blvd.
Description: The Red Hill Valley Trail is about 7 km. This hike has many trails, and a lot of possibilities.  This hike is easy to lose yourself, so go prepared.  This trail follows the Red Hill creek, and has paths leading to Albion Falls and Buttermilk Falls.  There is much wildlife in the valley including woodpeckers, ducks, and a variety of birds including falcons.

  Stoney Creek: Battlefield Park & Devil's Punch Bowl

Difficulty:  Intermediate
Directions: The Battlefield House parking lot.          
Description: Battlefield Park to Grays Road is 4.75 km.  The Bruce Trail is along Battlefield Creek with lots of foliage. The White Trail is beside a railway and the escarpment with a waterfall.  The Blue Bruce Trail goes up the escarpment to the Devils Punch Bowl. White Bruce trail can be slippery in the fall.   Blue Bruce Trail is has a hard steep incline.  You can also access the Punchbowl from the Ridge Rd. Parking lot near First Rd. E.

  Fonthill: St. John’s Conservation Area

Difficulty: Beginner
Directions: Take the Q.E.W. Niagara, exit 57 at Victoria Ave. Go south to and turn left at Highway 20.   In Fonthill, turn left at Pelham Street to Hollow Road. At the corner of Barron and St. John there is a conservation sign on your right. 
Description: This conservation Area is in the twelve Mile Creek valley, in the Niagara escarpment.   There is a map at the start of the trail to help you with directions.  This is good because the woods are quite dense.  This path has many kinds of vegetation and foliage that you don't see around too much.  There are a few marshes and a pond with trout.  You will also be able to see many geese, frogs,  and turtles in the area. 

  Wellend: Chippawa Creek Trail

Difficulty: Beginner
Directions: Take Q.E.W. Niagara, exit #57 at Victoria Avenue.  Go south and turn right at Highway 20.   At Regional Road 27, turn left and go through Wellandport.  Cross the bridge over the Welland River, take the right fork and turn right again at Regional Road 45.
Description:   Chippawa Creek Trail is a Conservation Area with a camping area which covers about 143 hectares.  The trail is near the campsite entrance.  The trail is not very shady, and it goes alongside Chippawa Creek.   This is an easy hike accessible by all and there is a fee.  You will see Dils Lake which has everything from Pike and Bass to Sunfish.  The water leads to the Welland River.  Some other friendly and not so friendly animals in the area include deer, coyotes, rabbits, and foxes.

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